Monday, 18 December 2017

Last week's CobraEmergencyVideos

Hello all! Thanks for checking out my CobraEmergency blog of emergency vehicle spotting. This is my second blog which is a round up of last week's published videos to my two channels; CobraEmergencyVideos - Europe and CobraEmergencyVideos - North America. 

Week starting the 11th December 2017

On the Monday of last week I published this video of multiple British Transport Police vans responding. The second clip shows two Vauxhall Vivaros, one of the older generation and one of the newest generation. I thought this was quite a nice comparison!
They were responding to a person on the London Underground tracks. It had transpired that a woman had been hit by a tube, but was not injured. At least from my memory of reading the Twitter feeds that day. 

On the Tuesday I published this video of Ladder 4 and Battalion 9 of the FDNY responding. This was my last day in New York City in September 2016 and I was just walking towards the subway at 50th street when these two came responding. I was quite lucky to finish off with such a nice capture! 

Following that, on the Wednesday I published this video of a NEW BMW X5 Armed Response Vehicle. It had been registered in September and I caught it in December, so I was quite pleased! It was the snowy Tuesday before and I was with friends when it came down the road siren and lights blaring. Knowing how new this vehicle is, I decided to put a video up of it the next day! 

Thursday I put this video up of Lenox Hill Hospital responding in a 2016 Chevrolet Express. At the time this was a very new ambulance as I was in New York City in 2016. 

The next day was the London Ambulance Service responding. This is one of their relatively new VW Tiguan Rapid Response Vehicles, to replace the Vauxhall Zafiras and Skoda Octavias! A personal favourite of mine - a vehicle covered in lights, painted all over in yellow and a nice overall shape. Considering all this in mind when I filmed it, I hadn't realised the driver took a very near miss with a bollard until I watched the footage back later. 

And finally on the Sunday, I published one of my favourite videos from when I went to Los Angeles earlier this year. I had just filmed a brush fire in Elysian Park near Downtown Los Angeles and decided to head towards the 'Verdugo cities' (Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena...etc.) and got off the freeway for Pasadena. I sat outside Pasadena's main fire station where I caught the engine responding 3x, as well as this catch! South Pasadena's (a separate city to old Pasadena) new Rescue Ambulance transporting on siren and lights WITH a new Los Angeles Sheriff Department Ford Explorer. Both fitted with very nice lights and sirens! 

So that's a round up of last week! Feel free to subscribe to either of my channels, or follow my social media, to see what this week brings us. 

Thank you for reading
- Steven, director of CobraEmergency

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